Natural Wood Products

When we moved to the property in 2011 we consulted with a forestry expert from Trees Unlimited to develop and approve a managed forest plan in order to ensure that we take the best care of the land that we are fortunate to be stewards of. The learning has been rich and we now know that our journey has only just begun.

Our cutting boards are produced from trees that are ready to be harvested as fine wood, not from trees that have been tagged for firewood or wood chips.  Our logs are hand sawn on our farm through a Wood Mizer saw mill to a smooth finish and then air-dried.  We have attracted one of the finest teachers and carpenters to work with us and it is his fine craftsmanship that designs a variety of final wood products, all made to order.

Cutting Board / Serving Tray Care

We ensure that all our products are finished in only environmentally friendly and non-toxic oils.
Here are the care instructions for our cutting boards to ensure that you may enjoy your wood for a lifetime!

Ready to Use

Our boards are created ready to use - after each use, clean the board with warm, soapy water - DO NOT immerse the board in water or place it in the dishwasher.  Dry immediately.


Remove stains or odours by using a generous sprinkling of table salt and rubbing with a sliced lemon.  Rinse with warm water.

Ongoing Care

Our boards should be treated with food grade mineral oil (found in most hardware stores or pharmacies) 2 - 3 times each month, depending on the frequency of use.  Rub the entire board all over.  Allow to sit overnight.  Wipe excess oil off with a soft cloth.


Your board may expand or contract with humidity, which is the natural property of the material reminding us of the living forest it was created from.  However, with proper care, our wood products will last a lifetime. Enjoy!