We have a passion for trees

The beautiful forest that they create with meandering, nurturing walking paths; the sap that flows from maple trees that produces natural, nutritious and delicious maple syrup; and the lumber that the varied trees provide when their life has run its course, which is used to design wooden works of art.

We have created a family run business to share the abundant harvest from our Maple Tree Farm. When we moved to the property in 2011, we consulted a forestry expert from Trees Unlimited who prepared and approved a twenty-year managed forest plan in order to ensure that we take the best care of the land that we are fortunate to be stewards of. The plan is then submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. The learning has been rich and in so many ways our journey has only just begun. 

For a little history, Maple Tree Farm was granted from Crown land in 1797 and since then we are only the third owners.  The story is told that it was a local native who taught the original Shaver family the ancient art of dowsing (finding water underground by use of a divining rod).  It was also the natives who were first to recognize maple syrup as a food source that provided nutrition, energy, and medicinal benefits.

Maple syrup and wood products make great gifts that can be shipped directly from Maple Tree Farm to your family, friends, business associates or employees with a special message from you to them. Maple syrup makes a very special wedding or shower favour.

Members of Ontario Woodlot Association and Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association

We are pleased to now offer maple syrup and wood products for sale from our land.

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